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The Perfect Amount Of Spice

"...authentic and mouth-watering Thai dishes and varieties..."
Wow, Just Wow! We came in because we saw a review while visiting. We had dinner twice in two days! The food is authentic and full of subtle and banging flavor. The staff is genuine and personable. The atmosphere is clean and as good as it needs to be in a strip center. Wish it were in my home town, but in the meantime can’t wait to come back so I can try more of the menu!!!


Thai Thai Bistro is an online platform to talk about specialty Thai food and dishes. We specialize in authentic and mouth-watering Thai dishes and varieties. What makes us different is the unique home-cooked flavor we put in our discussions about these food recipes.
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That is because all our dishes are cooked at the time of writing and we know what we have made with the freshest ingredients such as lemongrass, ginger, and many more.

We serve fresh noodle soup and Thai dishes with kapow leaves and fresh pepper on the side.


For the safety of food and your enjoyment, we use 100% pure vegetable oil and all our dishes contain no MSG. We are always learning how to by eating behind restaurants in Thai Thai I, II, IV, and Siam Orchid.


Authentic Thai cuisine is just as varied as it is flavorful. Every plate is a mix of several different spices and flavors, from the hot spice of chili peppers to the cooling sensations of coconuts. Thai Thai Bistro imports the truly authentic experience, drawing inspiration from the street-food and home kitchens of Thailand. The food we serve is the very same food that we love to eat. It is our sincere hope that your experience at Thai Thai Bistro is the same as the one we have in our mother’s kitchen back in Thailand! Our friendly staff looks forward to serving you. So come on over…we have a table waiting for you – start reading about all the authentic dishes Thailand has to offer today!